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Accurate Mass Spectrometry Software Solutions

Achieve up to 99% spectral accuracy


Introducing vendor-agnostic MS calibration software

Our breakthrough patented TrueCal™ technology enables researchers to meet the challenges associated with MS analysis – and leverage the theoretical basis of MS to achieve unprecedented accuracy.

  • Calibrate MS data to a mathematically defined line shape for unsurpassed mass and spectral accuracy
  • Harness the true power of MS on your existing hardware
  • Eliminate backlogs and drive true confidence in lab results

Scientific Technology | Delivering Results

Experience the power of Cerno’s Technology Software Suite – Our patented technologies enable our customers to accelerate their workflows and reduce costs while providing more confident answers. Discover how Cerno delivers results for all MS instrumentation, from routine benchtops to state-of-the-art high-resolution instruments. Learn more.


Improve unknown formula ID on both low and high-resolution instruments.

  • Achieve up to 100x better mass accuracy on low-res
  • Achieve 99.0% spectral accuracy on high and low-res instruments
  • Eliminate up to 95% of incorrect elemental compositions on hi-res
  • Easily and accurately quantify isotopes and identify biological modifications
  • Vendor neutral and supports NetCDF formats


Automate and accelerate unknown compound ID with confidence.

  • Harness the power of advanced deconvolution and automated retention index matching
  • Identify, confirm, and quantitate target and unknown compounds
  • Eliminate up to 95% of incorrect elemental compositions on hi-res
  • Improve workflow accuracy and efficiency
  • Use commercial and custom libraries from GC/ID


Deliver accurate, transparent, and comprehensive large molecule analysis.

  • Identify intact mass and abundance distribution
  • Interpret results in a simple and intuitive fashion
  • Confirm molecule sequences and formulas along with modifications
  • No limit to molecule size, large or small
  • Available libraries for direct integration with high throughput workflows using a Python API

A fresh take on solving old problems

Founded by scientists with deep expertise in instrumentation, data processing, and analytical software, Cerno takes an outsider approach to MS analysis. It’s a new perspective, a new technology, and a new approach to advancing the industry.

  • Obtain more accurate results with MS experiments
  • Achieve more with your existing hardware investments
  • Works with all major MS hardware

Demo your data

Conduct a sample evaluation using a simple experiment on the instrument and sample(s) of your choice. Once you’ve completed the experiment, submit the data to us as a “blind” test and we’ll provide the unknown identification.



Whether you are new here to explore Cerno or delve into fascinating scientific topics, we regularly showcase the latest and greatest. This week’s focus is on spectral libraries, which are made available through our partnership with NIST. Additionally, we will delve into the concept of spectral accuracy. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about Ion Series for Structural Elucidation and Elemental Composition Determination, our Application Note 114 is available.

Following a successful ASMS event in Anaheim, numerous customers expressed interest in whether Cerno is compatible with their spectral libraries. Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates to search not only commercial libraries but also user-created ones, providing a comprehensive solution for spectral library access.

Keep coming back for more! Curious, have questions? Let’s connect and explore science together.

Spectral Libraries

Cerno is an authorized distributor of all NIST and Wiley libraries available making over 1,000,000 unique compounds available at great prices! New! NIST23 is now available in Agilent PBM format. Obtain more accurate results with MS experiments. Contact us for a quote for new libraries or upgrades.






Spectral Accuracy

What is Spectral Accuracy? In the context of mass spectrometry, spectral accuracy refers to the ability of an instrument to accurately measure the mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) of ions, which is essential for identifying the chemical composition of a sample. High spectral accuracy is achieved by calibrating instruments to obtain high mass accuracy, which is typically expressed in parts per million (ppm). Spectral accuracy is an important measure of the accuracy of a spectral method in approximating the solution of a differential equation, and it is also a critical aspect of mass spectrometry, where it refers to the ability of an instrument to accurately measure the mass-to-charge ratio of ions.


Ion Series for Structural Elucidation and Elemental Composition Determination

Spectral Accuracy Analysis of an Ion Series for Structural Elucidation and Elemental Composition Determination

Spectral Accuracy Analysis of an Ion Series for Structural Elucidation and Elemental Composition Determination. In GC/MS analysis, the abundant EI fragments, with or without the presence of the molecular ion (M+), are highly valuable for identifying unknown compounds. This is particularly the case if the compound is already included in a spectral library such as NIST or Wiley, making it easier to search for and identify the compound.


User testimonials

  • "First let me say, we just finished the first month using GC/ID, and it works really well. Better even than we had hoped. This is really a great tool for us, so thanks for all the work you everyone at Cerno have put into it. "
    NSF InternationalNSF InternationalBenjamin Johnson
  • "We have used your MassWorks for all our publications of this year (for formula ID), we have found that in most of the cases the (mass) error is about 10 ppm" ( using LC and GC/MS single quads in 13 publications in organocatalysis in 2017-2018 all in peer reviewed journals)
    Universidad Autónoma de MadridDr. José Alemán
  • "Your software [MassWorks] continues to amaze. Your first candidate is indeed the unknown -- atranorin [LC/MS]. I'd like to get the software that works with both our Shimadzu GC-single quad and our Shimadzu LC-triple quad."
    Oberlin CollegeDr. Robert Thompson
  • "MassWorks has proven itself on our GC/MSD system for accurate mass measurements and unknown formula ID.  When applied to LC/MSD, it also worked amazingly well to provide accurate mass results for the identification or confirmation of small molecule organic compounds"
    Universidad Autónoma de MadridDr. José Alemán
  • "Starting a little bit "speechless" from our side your Presentation helped really changing our mindset, from "unbelieving" into "believer". After this Test with a sample taken from real life with real interferences my colleagues and I fully agree that MassWorks is indeed a powerful tool for advanced GC/MS analysis. We found that MassWorks is really a "must have" product for us..."
    Researcher from a large German chemical company
  • "I have tested and used the MassWorks software since the summer of 2007. The main purpose for me is using its formula ID feature to confirm the GC/MS NIST library search results for unknown chemical substance identification especially when the [NIST] search match values are similar for more than one compounds. The software is relatively simple to use and most times provides the #1 match for our testing chemicals with more than 200 compounds in a variety of chemical groups."
    User from a United States Government Environmental Lab