Leadership Team


Meet a few of our team members.


Yongdong Wang
Founder and President

Yongdong is the founder and president of Cerno Bioscience and holds more than a dozen patents in multivariate instrument calibration, calibration transfer, scientific instrumentation, and the application of advanced statistics and mathematics to chemistry problem solving. Prior to formally starting Cerno, he had 11 years of technology and product experience in the industry including as the head of the global Science and Technology group for Perkin Elmer Analytical Instruments. Yongdong received his PhD in Chemometrics / Process Analytical Chemistry from the University of Washington and an MBA from Columbia Business School.


Don Kuehl
VP of Marketing and Product Development

Don oversees marketing and product development efforts to push the continued adoption and expansion of Cerno technology. He has a long history in analytical instrumentation including vibrational spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and laser spectroscopy in the areas of software, hardware, applications, and business. Don was the President and co-founder of the instrument software provider Galactic Industries (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific). Prior to that he was the Application Engineering manager at Digilab Inc. and was the project manager for a number of FTIR products and accessories. Don holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and a BS in Chemistry from Ohio University.

Stacey Simonoff
Senior Software Architect

Stacey is the software guru behind Cerno’s newest product line, helping implement and extend Cerno’s intellectual property in advanced products for routine analysis. She has been involved with spectroscopy and chemometrics software for decades, with experience in FTIR, MS, chromatography, computer graphics, geographic mapping, database engines, scripting languages, and embedded systems. Stacey has helped found several companies and was part of the team that pioneered powerful scientific workstation capabilities on personal computers. She holds a SB in Computer Science from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Steve Best
Director of Sales, North America

Steve has over 30 years of experience supporting the analytical laboratory with instrumentation and software in sales, technical management and business development roles.  He has extensive experience with workstation and enterprise chromatography software.  Steve has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the Revelle College of the University of California, San Diego and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Administration from the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University.

Ming Gu
VP of Research

Ming has published 17 papers and holds one patent in mass spectrometry and its biopharmaceutical applications. He has seven years of pharmaceutical industry experience with commercial LC/MS hardware and software systems.  Ming received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Washington.