Extractables & Leachables East 2024

Extractables & Leachables East 2024

April 18-19, 2024

Cerno Bioscience is once again proud to sponsor the upcoming Extractables & Leachables East 2024 conference, April 18-19 in Philadelphia, PA.  Stay tuned for more information!

Extractables & Leachables West 2024

April 24, 2024—It was great connecting with everyone at the PharmEd Extractables and Leachables event last week!

Let’s stay connected and feel free to download the NSF Case Study Presentation “Accelerating GC/MS E&L Analysis with Advanced Software Analysis Tools“.

Click here to learn more about Cerno’s GC/ID vendor-neutral software solution that enhances the performance of your GC/MS library search and compound identification process.