NIST 2020 MS Libraries and Software

Cerno Bioscience is an official distributor of the NIST MS libraries and the NIST search software.  The new 2020 version, NIST20, will be available June 2, 2020 but any purchase for the current NIST17 library in 2020 will get a free upgrade when it is released!  The new NIST20 has the largest increase in coverage EVER!  The new NIST GC/MS EI libraries set the industry standard for quality with almost 306,000 compounds, updated with nearly 40,000 new compounds for NIST20 and retention index information has also seen a similar growth.  New compounds cover a variety of areas of analytical interest  Metabolites, Flavor/Fragrances, Drugs, Forensics and more. The MS/MS library now contains over 27,000 compounds including biologically relevant peptides, almost double the previous version.  The NIST search software is included and provides some of the most advanced search algorithms for qualitative analysis.  Cerno’s own MassWorks Rx GC/ID integrates these advanced algorithms directly for the highest quality search results.  GC/ID requires NIST format libraries.

Also, consider updating your old NIST libraries to the new and improved 2020 collection:

Major Enhancements in 2020 from 2017

  • Increased coverage and quality in all libraries (EI MS, MS/MS, and GC RI). Nearly 2x increase in MS/MS
  • Free upgrade to 2020 for user who purchase NIST2017 in 2020
  • Discount for updates on any previous versions (purchased prior to January 1, 2020)

See the new NIST20 brochure.

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Available NIST libraries, call or email for current pricing (our prices are very aggressive!):

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Library Code Library Description
NIST20 NIST20 Library, EI of 306,000 Compounds. 27,000 Tandem MS, 139,000 compounds RI.  Includes search and additional software tools
NIST20+ NIST20 Library plus Agilent Format
NISTTM NIST20 Tandem MS Database only with Search Program
NISTGC NIST20 GC Method / Retention Index Database only with Search Program
NISTUP NIST Library Upgrade to 2020
NIST20UP+ NIST Library Upgrade to 2020 plus Agilent Format