MS Libraries and Software from NIST and Wiley

Looking for MS library solutions? Look no further than Cerno Bioscience, the official distributor for both NIST and Wiley libraries. We offer a wide variety of options to suit your needs, including purchasing new libraries or updating your old ones in either NIST or Agilent PBM format at great prices. We also support other vendor-specific formats, so please contact us for more information. What’s more, our own GC/ID is designed to work seamlessly with both NIST and Wiley libraries, providing you with the ultimate qualitative answer machine (NIST format only).

NIST Libraries and Software

As an added bonus, when you purchase or upgrade your NIST library, we include the NIST RI (Retention Time) software and RI database for free upon request. This software allows you to have flexible RI search options such as the RI range and flexible structure search options to assist in solving difficult unknown identifications, making it the perfect complement to NIST Search. And for the most powerful GC/MS identification software, use the new NIST23 libraries with Cerno’s GC/ID. Our GC/ID automatically combines RI and spectral search matches for confident unknown identification, ensuring you have the most reliable and comprehensive data possible.

For more information on NIST and Wiley MS libraries, follow the links below:

NIST 2023 EPA/NIH EI-MS Library Release 

NIST 2023 Tandem MS Library


Wiley Libraries

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