TrueCal™ (formerly known as MSIntegrity) is Cerno’s patented calibration technology which can dramatically improve both mass and Spectral Accuracy to provide unsurpassed data quality on any instrument.  TrueCal is the only system that properly calibrates the mass spec data to a mathematically defined line shape eliminating the variability, artifacts and distortions ( the “tune”) present in all mass spectrometers.  TrueCal enables improved formula ID using CLIPS and sCLIPS, improved sensitivity, and the ability to do accurate deconvolution (TrueFit™) of complex mixtures that has previously been impossible, even on the most expensive and powerful mass spectrometers.

TrueCal forms the foundation of all versions of MassWorks and other Cerno products.


The Perfect Mass Spectrometer

TrueCal™ truly makes your mass spec data as perfect or ideal as what is ultimately possible in the physical sense.  Using either an internal or external calibrant, or the mono-isotopic peak from a high resolution measurement, TrueCal can dramatically improve both the mass accuracy and the Spectral Accuracy of unit resolution LC/MS or GC/MS systems while significantly improving the Spectral Accuracy of higher resolution TOF or qTOF all the way through to the highest resolution Orbitrap or FT-ICR instrument.  Not only is the mass accuracy improved by a factor of up to 100 for low resolution systems, but the peak profiles of both high and low resolution instrument are typically calibrated to 99% Spectral Accuracy for confident unknown formula ID and powerful mixture deconvolution.

Dramatic improvements shown above in Spectral Accuracy for high resolution TOF using TrueCal. Virtually all high resolution instruments will benefit.