ASMS 2019 Papers

June 2-7, 2019

Cerno Bioscience will be presenting four posters at ASMS 2019 along with partners Agilent Technologies, Activated Research Company, and New York Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA.

A Direct Computational Approach to the Analysis of Multiply Charged Biomolecules and Their Modifications with Electrospray Mass Spectrometry –  Tuesday June 4, Poster TP 662 (New York Institute of Technology)

Screening CBD Oil Pet Supplements for Mycotoxins using LC-MS Quadrupole System with Accurate Mass Calibration  – Wednesday June 5, Poster WP 173 (Agilent Technologies)

Improving GC/MS Library Search on a Single Quadrupole Using Complementary and Orthogonal Metrics Within the Run – Wednesday June 5, Poster WP 313 (Cerno Bioscience)

Automated and Simultaneous Identification and Quantification in Extractables and Leachables Analysis – Wednesday June 5, Poster WP 478 (Activated Research Company)