What’s New in GC/ID 3.0

What’s New in GC/ID Version 3.0?

Version 3.0 is a huge upgrade from the previous version of GC/ID and has a significant number of major new capabilities as well and many minor enhancements and bug fixes.  Here are some highlights:

  • Auto RI™ is a patented system for automatic Retention Index calibration without the need to run any standards saving you time and enabling enhanced analysis of previously collected data.
  • Magic Highlighter™ is a revolutionary way to visualize the quality of each peak ID. Blending 5 important metrics (Fwd Search, Rev Search, Retention Index and Formula ID (via Spectral Accuracy) to signify High, Medium, and Low compound ID confidence in a color-coded system that dramatically accelerates the review process.
  • A simple but smart Semi-Quantitative analysis tool.
  • Add-to-NIST-library allows adding new compounds from GC/ID directly to a NIST user library with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Centroid Data support – GC/ID now supports the processing of centroid data. This means that you will not get formula ID information, but you will get all the other features of GC/ID including peak deconvolution and Retention Index data.  And, with the new Auto RI you can reprocess old runs as well to automatically add accurate RI information for a more confident analysis.
  • Improved NIST search results from an advanced algorithm that filters out spectral noise which can degrade search match quality.
  • Enhanced user interface now stacks chromatograms and spectra and enables rapid navigation to any peak Hit results by simply clicking on any peak.
  • Simplified batch processing of previously acquire runs

Want more details, see the GC/ID V 3.0 brochure.