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Full Spectrum Deconvolution (FSD)

Cerno is dedicated to the practical application of modern mathematical techniques to Mass Spectrometry to improve the quality, accuracy and reliability of MS analysis. Our technology is vendor-neutral and protected through numerous patents granted and submitted world-wide. Founded and staffed by a team with over 90 years’ experience in the fields of instrumentation, mathematical data processing, life science applications, and biotech business development.



Full Spectrum Deconvolution (FSD)

Unlike most “conventional” deconvolution, which uses only a few resolved m/z ions to locate potential coeluting peaks, GC/ID uses a patented, “full spectrum” approach for improved performance.

  • Initial “mixture” screening using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) reduces overfitting that can produce erroneous spectra and false IDs
  • Superior quantitation of the underlying peaks using full spectrum fit
  • Automated background correction is “free” in matrix fit
  • Closely coeluting peaks can be resolved using our patented Search Mixture Deconvolution (SMD)


Full Spectrum Deconvolution

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TrueChrom MX™

While TrueFit MX provides spectral deconvolution of mixtures considering proposed compounds, TrueChrom MX automatically detects the presence of chromatographically unresolved peaks and determines the number of components in the unresolved peak.  TrueFit MX then uses its patent pending deconvolution algorithm to calculate the pure component spectra of each of the components.  The pure component spectra can then be analyzed by library search to determine the identity each compound from the unresolved chromatographic peak.


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The software that started it all… MassWorks™

Easy-to-use post acquisition software | Achieve high Mass Accuracy and high Spectral Accuracy

With over a dozen patents and 1000’s of users, the award winning MassWorks established the performance benchmark for “True” mass spec calibration.  MassWorks is a Windows based desktop software that works with most MS vendor instruments by directly reading the data files making the powerful calibration and analysis technologies available to both nominal and high resolution instruments.


MassWorks TrueCal™ calibration technology

MassWorks TrueCal™ calibration technology provides advantages for both high and low resolution instruments.

Figure shows an almost perfect match (Spectral Accuracy) between a calibrated single quad and the corresponding “True” calculated MS using the CLIPS search.

sCLIPS improves formula ID on high resolution mass spectrometers

Figure shows excellent spectral accuracy match for confident formula ID on a high resolution TOF instrument using sCLIPS search.

Proper mass spec calibration

Proper mass spec calibration also means that complex mixture deconvolution of overlapping and interfering ions is easy and provides the most accurate quantitative results.

Figure shows the accurate quantitative analysis of 7 component mixture of a C13 radio labeled pharmaceutical using a quadrupole instrument.



Figure shows the ability to detect and deconvolve modified products (glycan conjugates 0 – 10) of a large molecule intact protein (by Maldi) (see ASMS poster). This type of analysis is not possible by other means!

Powerful GC/MS Analysis Software – GC/ID™

GC/ID is the first major breakthrough in GC/MS in decades

GC/ID is a fully automated compound identification application that offers new levels of accuracy and confidence in GC/MS qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis.  Based on the new MassWorks Rx configurable platform, GC/ID offers powerful new capabilities to GC/MS including:

  • Uses the industry standard NIST search engine
  • Retention Index (RI) matching provides unsurpassed unknown ID confidence
  • Accurate mass analysis of molecular/fragment ions for confident compound ID
  • Magic Highlighter indicates at a glance the correct match by combining search, RI, and formula ID