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MassWorks: Accurate MS Software Automation

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We’re confident that you’ll be amazed by the results. In fact, our MassWorks Evaluation program is so effective that 90% of our users purchase MassWorks after submitting their data. As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.” Try MassWorks today and see the results for yourself!

“Let Us Prove To You How MassWorks Can Significantly Improve The Performance Of Any Mass Spectrometer From Unit Resolution Quadrupoles Through TOF And FT-ICR Instruments.”

Our recommended Evaluation Process involves running a simple experiment on your instrument with a known compound(s) of your choice, and submitting it to us as a “blind” unknown. The process is simple, run the experiment, upload the digital data file to our secure upload area, and then we will process the data using MassWorks and report back to you the proposed formula for each “blind” unknown. We can even give you an on-line demonstration via Webex to show how easy it is to use MassWorks to improve your results, using YOUR DATA!.

To sign up simply click on the “Sign Up” button below to input your contact information and answer a few simple questions. Within a couple of days, a Cerno representative will call you to discuss the best way to run the experiment and provide you with information on submitting the data. It’s that simple! If you would like some reference information on typical experiments to run for the evaluation, click on the appropriate link below.

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For the first time, we can now accurately correct the MS signal to enable new solutions for more confident analysis of both small and large molecules.  The analysis of complex mixtures such as labeled isotopes, large molecule adducts, and various modifications are easily and confidently unraveled and quantified.  The technology applies to all MS instrumentation, from routine benchtops to state-of-the-art high-resolution instruments.

MassWorks is a vendor-neutral desktop software that directly reads data files, allowing for powerful calibration and analysis technologies to be used from routine benchtops to state-of-the-art high-resolution instruments.

GC/ID: UnLock the True Power of GC/MS

GC/ID is an advanced, vendor-agnostic software solution that enhances the performance of your GC/MS library search and compound identification process. It is designed to validate the search results automatically, resulting in dramatically improved ID accuracy and efficiency. With GC/ID, you can expect a more streamlined and accurate workflow, leading to rapid and confident outcomes in your research and analysis.

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