ASMS 2019

June 2-6, 2019

Cerno Bioscience will be exhibiting at ASMS 2019 in Atlanta, GA. Stop by and visit us at Booth #909 to see our new software applications for the accurate characterization of biologics and impurities, and GC/ID for improving your GC/MS qualitative analysis throughput.

Cerno will demonstrate our new direct approach to the interpretation and analysis of multiply charged biomolecules which avoids the artifact-prone multiple charge deconvolution step.  This ground breaking software eliminates the uncertainties of other approaches and provides quantitative information on impurities as well.

GC/ID is fully automated and can process an entire run including NIST search, accurate mass molecular ion and fragment ID, retention time index calculation and report generation.  GC/ID also introduces a revolutionary, automated peak mixture detection and deconvolution algorithm which can help solve your most difficult problems as well as save you time and money.

MassWorks 5.0 will also be exhibited.  The vendor neutral desktop application enables Formula ID on conventional quadrupole LC and GC systems by improving the mass accuracy to +/- 5mDa and Spectral Accuracy to >99%.  Cerno will also be demonstrating it’s mixture deconvolution software enabling accurate analysis of impurities and degradants for both large and small molecules on both low and high resolution instruments.