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Cerno Bioscience in partnership with LCGC is pleased to announce a special live webcast on June 19, 2019 at 11 am EDT|8 am PDT|4 pm BST|5 pm CEST.

Event Overview:

GC/MS library search has been a powerful tool for the identification of organic compounds for decades. Although additional spectral libraries have been created and hardware has been updated with better sensitivity/throughput and ease of use, no significant progress has been made to assist the analyst in determining the correct match from a long list of possible hits. This work typically requires tedious and time-consuming manual review or even re-analysis.

In this webcast, we will demonstrate how to bring additional accuracy into the analysis through a novel calibration step and fully automated software to significantly improve the confidence and accuracy of compound identification on a conventional single-quad GC/MS system.

  • Accurate mass formula identification with spectral accuracy for search confirmation
  • Retention Index for orthogonal compound analysis
  • Identification of co-eluting peaks and automated deconvolution
  • Fully automated run analysis including NIST or other library search

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