Special Offers and Pricing

Agilent GC/MSD, LC/MSD

If you are an existing Agilent GC/MSD or LC/MSD user or considering a new GC/MSD or LC/MSD purchase, please contact either your local Agilent account managers/representatives or Cerno directly for special MassWorks pricing:

  • Bundled MassWorks for GC/MSD, Agilent part number G6851AA
  • Bundled MassWorks for LC/MSD, Agilent part number G6887AA

Relevant links and brochures:

Thermo Fisher MS

If you use Thermo Fisher MS with XCalibur or Chromeleon CDS data systems, please contact your local Thermo Fisher account manager/representative or Cerno directly on how to order MassWorks from the Thermo Fisher catalog (Part Number 1R76715-0031).