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Cerno Bioscience in partnership with LCGC is pleased to announce a special live webcast on June 13, 2017 at 11 am EDT|8 am PDT|4 pm BST|5 pm CEST titled:

“The Application of Spectral Accuracy to Mass Spectrometry for Enhanced Formula ID and Mixture Analysis”

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Event Summary
Spectral accuracy is a measure of how well an ion’s isotope profile matches an ideal mass spectrum. MS is perhaps the only analytical measurement for which the theoretical response of an analyte can be accurately calculated based solely on first principles. Proper calibration of the MS ion lineshape can dramatically improve the ability to perform unknown formula ID, but also enables complex mixture analysis. In this webcast, we will present applications that demonstrate how spectral accuracy can be used to perform unknown formula identification on unit-resolution instruments and to improve the analysis of complex mixtures of small and large molecules on high- and low-resolution MS instruments.

Spectral accuracy can be used to enable accurate formula ID on existing conventional unit-resolution single quad LC and GC instruments
Spectral accuracy calibration is easy to perform on high-resolution instruments using the monoisotopic peak as the internal calibration reference
The combination of accurate mass and spectral accuracy can dramatically expand the quality and range of applications of mass spectrometry
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